Kharkiv as a great educational centre

Sunday, April 18, 2010
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Under  a  great and  beneficial  influence  of  progressive  Russian  culture  and  its  outstanding progressive-minded representatives  the  Ukrainian  culture  and  public  education  is  making  its  first  rides.  Through  the  efforts  of  Vasil Kharasin,  one  of  the  bright  representatives  of  local Kharkiv nobility and Kharkiv‘s Ukrainian  nobility  the  Kharkiv University was  founded.  V.  Karazin had  managed  to  prove,  creation  of  university  in  Kharkiv  would  improve  further economic  and  cultural  development  of  the  South  of  Russia.  Since  that  time  the  city  also  became  an  important educational centre in Ukraine and the Russian Empire and throughout the entire southern part of the country as a whole. In the 19-th century four boys‘ gymnasiums, six secondary schools, a veterinary institute, a technological institute and secondary commercial, technical, skilled-trade, agricultural, music art and midwifery schools were opened in Kharkiv. The city also had an art school and opera house. 

Economic  development  of  Kharkov  region  launched  formation  of  cultural,  scientific and  educational  centre  in the east of Ukraine. Within the walls of Kharkiv Collegium where the prominent Ukrainian philosopher and poet G. S. Skovoroda gave his lectures, a lot of outstanding people obtained education. We can name just a few: I.I. Bazylevych, doctor of medicine and surgery M.I. Gnedich, a talanted  master of translation, a poet, a librarien of the Imperial Public Library, whose translation of Homer‘s ?Illiada? into Russian is well-known,  V.  V.  Petrov,  M.  T.  Kachanovskyi,  a historian,  Ye.Y. Mukhin,  a  physician.  Among  graduates  of  Kharkiv  Collegium  there  were  such  persons  as  I.O. Dvygubskyi,  a  prominent  researcher  of  nature,  and  P.A.  Yaroslavskyi,  the  first  professional  Kharkiv  architect,  who,
working  as  the  Guberniya  Architect,  developed  almost  30  years  to  systematic  building  of  the  city.  Graduates  of Collegium became  first  students of Kharkiv  University  founded 17 January, 1805 on the initiative of V.M. Karazin, a famous member of staff of scientific body and a public figure. Among its students there were many prominent people.