What is Shareapic?

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Shareapic is a photo sharing website. Members can join for free, upload photos and share them with friends and family. Shareapic also offers members the opportunity to earn money from impressions on their photos, the impressions from their referrals impressions and the opportunity to participate in the Bidvertiser revenue sharing program.

What's the earning potential? According to the site, the earnings vary based on the earnings of the site. On average, you make approximately 22 cents per 1000 views. The earnings may not seem very appealing, but here's a thought to ponder. When people search the Internet for Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Jessica Alba, they are looking for the latest photographs. People send and share photographs all the time.

After being a member for over a year and only earning approximately six dollars, I decided I would take a more aggressive approach to earning on Shareapic. Over the past couple of months I have been trying a couple of different things using my Shareapic images to see what effect it would have on my earnings. None of these changes required a lot or effort. In reality, the few changes I made didn't require any more time or effort then the methods I was implementing before. The changes I made were small but definitely made a difference in my earnings.

The images on the right represent my earnings. I have made more in the past 3 months with Shareapic than I did in an entire year as a member. I can request to be paid when I reach $20.00 and according to the information on site I will be paid within seven days. My preference would be selecting to be paid via paypal although I do believe other options are available.

One of the other options I have to increase my earnings is referring new people to Shareapic. What I find amusing is I have referred over 30 members to Shareapic. This sounds great but only two are active and one of them happens to be my daughter and it's been awhile since she uploaded any photos. So, you see the main purpose of this hub is to help people who may have already joined Shareapic and just aren't really sure how to make money with it. I hope it sheds a little light on how easy it can be to make money and everyone can benefit from uploading and sharing photos.

Make Money Sharing Pictures

This is one of the ways that I am making money online and super easy and free. I know that many of us have used othee photo sharing sites that we use to upload pics and share with friends on your site or myspaces, well here is another way you could upload pics and make some money out of it with ShareAPic. Just sign up and get an account and share! Thats all, they pay via paypal and amazon GC. Check it out for yourself!